The Neo Naturists

Exhibition Guide

Published as part of The Neo Naturists, a retrospective exhibition at Studio Voltaire, London, 2016. This exhibition guide includes texts on key works, archival materials and a commissioned text by Louisa Buck.

The Neo Naturists offered the first historical survey of the group’s work in a public institution. An important live art collective initiated in 1981 by Jennifer Binnie, Christine Binnie and Wilma Johnson, The Neo Naturists emerged as a part of London’s subculture that arose from the squatting community in the aftermath of Punk, the emergence of the New Romantic club scene and the advent of Thatcherism.

  1. A Night with the Neo Naturists.

  2. Publication: © 2016 Louisa Buck, Joe Scotland, Jessica Vaughan, the authors, Studio Voltaire, London and An Endless Supply, Birmingham.
    Editors Joe Scotland and Jessica Vaughan
    Editorial Assistance Matthew McLean
    Design An Endless Supply
    All images courtesy of The Neo Naturists Archive unless stated otherwise.

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