Britlin's Brochure

Scott King

Published as part of Scott King’s exhibition Welcome To Saxnot.

Welcome To Saxnot proposes the new town, ‘Saxnot’, as an invention of the fictional, Butlin’s inspired brand ‘Britlin's’. King’s ludic proposals include an Old Time & Sequence Ballroom and Cash Bingo Lounge, alongside a similarly nostalgic menu plan and adult activity programmes. Sited between an advertising campaign, trade fair, urban planning policy, and utopian leisure complex, King’s sunnily innocuous vision unearth how the past might be aggressively remarketed for political or ideological gain.

  1. Scott King (b. 1969, Goole) lives and works in London. King has exhibited his work internationally, with recent solo exhibitions including CRASH! presents A Better Britain II: Britlins, Reading: International, Reading, UK (two-person) (2017); Anish and Antony take Afghanistan, Herald St – Golden Sq, London (2015); Totem Motif, Bortolami, New York; De-Regeneration, Spacex, Exeter; Totem Motif, Between Bridges, Berlin (all 2014); Scott King & Richard Serra, curated by Dominic Molon, Contemporary Art Museum, St. Louis (2011); Temporary Eyesore (commissioned by the Architecture Foundation), Bankside, London; and Marxist Disco! Cancelled, Kunstverein Munich, Munich (both 2008).

  2. Design by Scott King and Fraser Muggeridge studio.

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