'Tis but a scratch...'
Sacha Craddock on Nicole Eisenman

1 June 2012

Writer and critic Sacha Craddock leads an informal tour of Nicole Eisenman’s 2012 commission ‘Tis but a scratch’ ‘A scratch?! Your arm’s off!’ ‘No, it isn’t’.

At Studio Voltaire, the artist had created a series of large-scale sculptures, mainly of plaster, during a month-long residency. Known predominantly as a painter, Eisenman’s new works showed a continued fascination with the figure: sleeping, walking, texting, kissing or in some form of dance, the sculptures represent gestures for performing.

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  1. Sacha Craddock is an independent art critic, writer & curator based in London. Craddock is co-founder of Artschool Palestine, co-founder and member of Faculty at British School at Rome, Trustee of the Shelagh Cluett Trust, Trustee of the Art House Foundation, and Executive Committee Member of the International Association of Art Critics AICA UK.[1] She has been Chair of the Board of New Contemporaries and selection process since 1996.

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