Desperate Livin’ Website, Raju Rage and Zoyander Street

An interactive digital archive of materials created by and for members of the trans community, supporting autonomy, health and resilience.

Raju Rage has compiled a rich variety of resources for this interactive website designed by Zoyander Street. Contributions support trans health in its broadest sense, ranging from zines, photographs and exhibition catalogues charting the historical and political backgrounds of global trans activist movements. Journal articles, links and subreddits contain information and guidance about people's experiences and knowledge of transition-related healthcare. 

All resources are open-source or invited contributions. Self-published, non-commercial, grassroots, and rare materials were prioritised. Permission has been granted to share them. 

This website will continue to develop and be added to over time. The site is predominantly in the English language. We aim to incorporate materials across the Globe from various languages translated into English. If you have materials you would like to contribute, please complete this email form.

This site is part of the legacy of Desperate Living. Supported by the programme, throughout 2020-22 Raju Rage and The Right Lube hosted a series of workshops exploring queer and transgender 'community'. They conducted workshops around Harm Reduction; the politics and experience of self-medding; hormones, and trans youth. They shared art-activist works online via Studio Voltaire’s website and organised IRL events distributing much-needed supplies and taking members of the trans community to trans health clinics. They also co-hosted a grief retreat to support the loss of the trans community as well as ongoing IRL trans social hangouts in London with The Right Lube. 

Along the way, they gathered valuable information from transgender people, medical practitioners and organisations about trans health that they would like to share.

To accompany the website, Raju Rage has written a reflective essay 'Deadlinks and Downloads'.

Special thanks to all who participated and supported the Desperate Livin’ project.

Desperate Livin’ by Raju Rage and The Right Lube was part of Desperate Living, a programme that brought artists, public organisations and informal groups together to test out new and experimental forms of collaborative programming, knowledge sharing and production explored through the lens of LGBTQ+ healthcare. Desperate Living was supported by Paul Hamlyn Foundation and Mila Charitable Organisation.

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  2. Raju Rage is proactive about using art, education and activism to forge creative survival. Working transnationally, I explore the spaces and relationships between dis/connected bodies, theory and practice, text and the body and aesthetics and political substance. I have a theirstory in activism, self and collective organised queer/ transgender/ people of colour movements and creative projects in London and beyond from which my politics and works draw on and from.

  3. An artist, researcher, and critic, their practice focuses on video games but also involves other forms of media art and (mis)uses of technology. “I like to work with toxic garbage, be that through recycling old computers that were destined for landfill or through recontextualising trauma in history and ethnography.”


  4. The Right Lube is Maz Murray and Hava Carvajal, a trans couple who write about art, culture, gender, queerness, assimilation, class and race. They focus on the different shiny ways that power tries to hide a violent system that is out to kill them and most everybody else. They run trans hangouts and information swaps focusing on harm reduction.

  5. Raju Rage and Zoyander Street, Desperate Livin’ website, 2022.

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