Jo Spence: Work (Part I & II)
Exhibition Guide

1 June–12 August 2012

Published as part of Work (Part I and Part II), a retrospective exhibition of work by Jo Spence at Studio Voltaire and [space], London, 2012.

Spence (b.1934–d.1992) emerged as a key figure in the mid 1970s from the British photographic left, crucial in debates on photography and the critique of representation. Her work engaged with a range of photographic genres, from documentary to phototherapy, and responded to the prioritisation from the late 1970s onwards of lens-based media in art-critical discourse.

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  2. Publication: © 2012 Jo Spence Memorial Archive, London, the authors, SPACE, London and Studio Voltaire, London; except Jo Spence, Some Questions and Answers © 1986 Camden Press, London. Reprinted with permission.
    Editors: Paul Pieroni, Joe Scotland, Louise Shelley, George Vasey
    Design: modern activity
    Photography credits: All images courtesy of the Jo Spence Memorial Archive

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