TONIGHT – curated by Paul O'Neill

TONIGHT is a non-thematic group exhibition featuring over fifty artists, curated by Paul O’Neill. Each artist has been invited to contribute a singular work that documents a specific process of production employed on a particular night.


Artlab – C. Cullinan + J. Richards
Georgina Batty
Simon Bedwell
Dave Beech
Ólöf Björnsdóttir
David Blamey
Kathrin Böhm
Ian Breakwell
Pavel Büchler
Gerard Byrne
John Chilver
Adam Chodzko
Declan Clarke
Cornford & Cross
Jeremy Deadman
Mark Dickenson
Jeanette Doyle
Markus Eisenmann
Matt Franks
Babak Ghazi
Liam Gillick
Lothar Götz
Andrew Grassie
Brian Griffiths
Anthony Gross
Matthew Higgs
Mark Hutchinson
Gareth Jones
Janice Kerbel
Stephen Little
Brighid Lowe
Frank Lüsing
Caroline McCarthy
Ronan McCrea
Goshka Macuga
Aleksandra Mir
Jonathan Monk
Suzanne Mooney
Hayley Newman
Stefan Nikolaev
Harold Offeh
Mark Pearson
Elizabeth Price
Nike Savvas
Lindsay Seers
DJ Simpson
Bob and Roberta Smith
Mark Titchner
Mungo Thomson
Markus Vater
Christopher Warmington
Lawrence Weiner
Annie Whiles
Ian Whittlesea
Michael Wilkinson

TONIGHT explores art as an act of ‘killing time’ – passing the night away, doing something, perhaps mundane, maybe obsessive – but always about making the passage of time material. The exhibition is accompanied by a user manual/poster work designed by Liam Gillick with a list of acts, each act corresponding with a work on display.

TONIGHT will represent a kind of over-sensitized and playful ‘Atmosphere Room’. Two of the gallery walls will be covered with ‘back-ground’ works: a newly designed wall painting by Liam Gillick and Kathrin Böhm’s ever expanding work, which uses multiple combinations of brightly coloured posters. Together these pieces will provide a sensory backdrop for other works. The gallery will act as a container for ideas, as they flowing into, over and on top of one another. A functional display structure will divide the space; sitting just below eye level, it will house many of the video, audio and sculptural works, allowing the viewer to see the entire exhibition at once.

TONIGHT derives its title from a piece featured in the show by Pavel Büchler. Büchler found a day-glo pink sticker which read “tonight”, he copied and enlarged the sticker to produce a fly-poster, this was put up on and around public sites. The poster advertised nothing other than the word depicted. TONIGHT is an exhibition in response to Büchler’s invitation to take part in the doing of something ‘tonight’.

Supported by Arts Council England, London; Cultural Relations Committee, Ireland and Furnival Press.

  1. Dr. Paul O’Neill is an artist, curator, educator and writer based in Bristol and New York. He is the new Director of the Graduate Program at Bard Centre for Curatorial Studies, New York. Paul has co-curated more than fifty exhibition projects across the world including: The Curatorial Timeshare, Enclave, London (since 2012); Last Day, Cartel Gallery, London (2012); Our Day Will Come, Part of Iteration: Again,Hobart, Tasmania (2011); We are Grammar, Pratt Institute, Manhattan Gallery, New York (2011); Coalesce: happenstance, SMART, Amsterdam (2009); Making Do, The Lab, Dublin (2007); General Idea: Selected Retrospective, Project, Dublin (2006); Tonight, Studio Voltaire, London, (2004); Are We There Yet? Glassbox, Paris (2000) and Passports, Zacheta Gallery of Contemporary Art, Warsaw (1998). He has held lecturing positions on the MFA Curating, Goldsmiths College, London and Visual Culture at Middlesex University amongst others. He currently international research fellow with the Graduate School of Creative Arts and Media, Dublin, and international tutor on the de Appel Curatorial Programme.

  2. Tonight, curated by Paul O’Neill, 2004. Installation View, Studio Voltaire, London. Courtesy of Paul O’Neill, the artists, and Studio Voltaire, London.

Studio Voltaire
1A Nelsons Row
London SW4 7JR

Wednesday–Sunday, 10am–6pm

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