A Beryl Cook painting depicting a busy cafe scene. There is man wearing a black vest and shorts who faces from the viewer, and in the foreground a women eats a sausage sandwich

Emily Pope

Saturday Talks Series

Artist Emily Pope leads a reading and exhibition tour responding to the art of Beryl Cook and Tom of Finland through the concept of ‘class tourism’. Exploring the potential of socio-political monologues within contemporary media, Pope’s artistic practice stems from a history of experimental broadcasting, with a focus on humour and satire, intersectional feminism, dyke/queer subjectivities, political rhetoric and class politics. Expanding on this research, Pope will draw upon themes of class-consciousness in the context of Beryl Cook / Tom of Finland, specifically in relation to ideas of authenticity, nostalgia and the cultural appropriation of subcultures under late capitalism.

This event forms part of our Saturday Talks series, in which artists, curators and writers lead personal responses to Beryl Cook / Tom of Finland. These talks, readings and performances are an opportunity to explore specific aspects of the exhibition, from 'bad taste' to class tourism, masculinity and sexuality in the military, and London's lost queer spaces.

  1. Emily Pope is a multidisciplinary artist and writer living and working in London. She is interested in series making and has been making The Sitcom Show, a failed sitcom recording life under austerity measures in the UK, since 2016. 

    Solo and group presentations include: Ginny on Frederick, Sundy; London, Wysing Arts Centre, The Box Museum; Plymouth, V.O Curations; London, Peak Gallery; London, Paradise Works; Manchester and The White Pube Residency. Her writing has been published by Elephant Magazine, Sticky Fingers Publishing, Lesley Magazine, Low Theory, The Freud Museum, Bookworks, Arcadia Missa, Montez Press and Autoitalia.

    Pope was an awardee of the second edition of the LOEWE FOUNDATION / Studio Voltaire Award. She has an upcoming performance as part of HOME at Matts Gallery (September 2024) and an exhibition with Quench Gallery (2025).

  2. Beryl Cook, Elviras Cafe, 1997. Courtesy of the Beryl Cook Estate. © John Cook 2023.

Suggested donation £5

Saturday 3 August 2024, 3–3.30 pm

Studio Voltaire
1A Nelsons Row
London SW4 7JR

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