Queer Reads Lexicon Zine Workshop (Chinese Edition)

with Beatrix Pang (Queer Reads Library)

Artist in residence Beatrix Pang 彭倩幗 (they/them/他, b. Hong Kong) is hosting a zine-making workshop looking at queer lexicon.

A lexicon is a person's vocabulary, language or branch of knowledge. The words being used, circulated and invented by queer people are evidence of their lives, communication and recognition of each other, archiving queer threads from past to present.

This workshop builds upon Pang’s project Queer Reads Lexicon with Queer Reads Library exploring queerness in the context of local languages, with a primary focus on Cantonese and Mandarin. The ideology and the emancipation of queer identity are often associated with Western contexts and institutions. This project asks how Chinese-speaking people in diverse geographic regions, including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, China and the diaspora, have started their own dialects and queer language. A collection of words previously researched are archived here.

This workshop is open to LGBTQIA+ people aged 16 and over who are of Chinese heritage, from the Chinese-speaking diaspora, or are interested in Chinese languages and how queer language travels.

Free, booking essential.

Workshop materials will be provided. Please feel free to bring your own images, collaging materials, pens, paper etc.

由Studio Voltaire倫敦駐地藝術家Beatrix Pang (彭倩幗)策劃一個關於酷兒詞彙的小誌製作工作坊。

字典是一個人、語言或知識分支的詞彙; 酷兒們使用、傳播和發明的詞語是他們生活、交流和在多個地方相互認識的證據,記錄了從過去到現在的酷兒話題。 這將建立在Beatrix 與他所創辦的團體「流動閱酷」所作項目的基礎上。主要從粵語、國語和英語之間,以在地語言的背景下研究「酷兒」,而酷兒身份的意識形態和解放通常都與西方環境和制度有關。 這個始於2109年的項目,探索在香港、台灣、馬來西亞、新加坡、中國和僑民等不同地理區域的華人,如何開始使用他們自己的方言和酷兒語言。有關一些酷兒字詞的想像,可參考其中一個工作坊的範例。

  1. Beatrix Pang 彭倩幗 (they/them/他, b. Hong Kong)’s early practice revolved around still/moving images, performance and printed medium. Pang founded Small Tune Press to focus on artists’ books and zines publishing in Hong Kong, co-founded ZINE COOP, a platform to promote Hong Kong zine culture, and Queer Reads Library, a mobile library creating space for queer inclusivity and visibility in Hong Kong and Asian diaspora communities.

  2. Queer Reads Library (QRL) 流動閱酷 is a mobile collection of books and independently published zines centred around queer narratives and themes. Catalysed by the removal of ten LGBTQ-themed children’s books from public shelves by the Hong Kong Public Library in June 2018, QRL was created in Autumn 2018 to cultivate a space where queer people can gather and celebrate their narratives. In the beginning, they asked themselves: “Where is the queer community in Hong Kong?”

    QRL, much like queer gender and sexuality, is fuelled by the fluid, experimental, and (sometimes) mischievous. They are interested in where their library will take them and who wants to engage with queer histories and narratives, specifically through printed matter. QRL aims to connect and collaborate with queer Asian people in Asia and the diaspora.

Free, booking essential

Sunday 25 June 2023, 1–3 pm

Studio Voltaire
1A Nelsons Row
London SW4 7JR

Open Wednesday–Sunday, 10 am–5 pm.

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