Laura Aldridge

For her first solo exhibition in a London gallery, Laura Aldridge presented a new installation of tied knot sculptures and screen printed cutouts of cats.

Laura Aldridge’s work uses materials and images that carry certain psychological overtones. The work encompassed a number of monochrome screen prints depicting disembodied arms holding domestic cats. The fragmented images emphasised ‘touching’ rather than ‘being touched’. This focus on sensation and feeling was echoed in the plaster knots that littered the gallery walls. Tubes of fabric filled with wet plaster and casually knotted into bow-like forms; this process drew attention to the hand and the sensuality of making. Aldridge’s visual and sculptural language engages with femininity through it’s use of homely, almost folksy, constructions combined with pastel colours. The work can be understood as following the decorative or sentimental tradition of Ree Morton and Lily van der Stokker.

Supported by Studio Voltaire Benefactors and Glasgow Life.

  1. Laura Aldridge lives and works in Glasgow. Previous solo exhibitions include: Cat’s are not important, Transmission Gallery, Glasgow (2010); The workshop survived because we love each other, Glasgow Sculpture Studio, Glasgow (2007) and Social Dynamism, Calarts, Los Angeles (2005).

  2. Laura Aldridge, 2011. Installation View, Studio Voltaire, London. Courtesy of the artist and Studio Voltaire, London. Credit Andy Keate.

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