Gallery Programme 1994 - 2004

Action Space: Big Show
February – March 2004
Umbreen Ashique, Linda Bell, Gary Dalton, Peter Furtado, Nnena Kalu and John Saunders

Andy Spain: Faces, Spaces and Clouds
3 – 20 December 2003

Common Fields
7 – 22 November 2003
Group exhibition of 40 artists made in collaboration with the Florence Trust

Karine Pradier: Whatever the story
2 – 25 October 2003

9 – 27 September 2003
A play by Henry Layte

SV03: Member’s exhibition
10 July – 2 August 2003
Laura Aldridge, James Lander, Ursula Llewellyn and Andy Parker. Selected by Pablo Bronstein and Joe Scotland

Kate Sully: BAGGAGE
5 – 28 June 2003

8 – 31 May 2003
Chris Lawley, Tim Griffin, Steve Dixon, Sophia Hayes, Ben Will, Veronika Seifert, Cordelia Underhill and Matt Green

4 – 26 April 2003
Karen Adams, Sonia Bruce, Lee Campbell, Aimee Chuter, Sarah Collins, Calum F. Kerr, Gary O'Dwyer, Josie McCoy, Elin Melberg, Angela Meyer, Rebecca Stevenson, Kate Street, Danny Treacy and Matthew Weir. Curated by Lee Campbell

5 – 29 March 2003
Laura Aldridge, Matthew John Andrew, Chloe Armitage, Anna Barriball, Jordan Baseman, Victoria Bickell, Richard Birkett, Jane Burke, Kerry Duggan, Christian Glaeser, Gonzaga, Mark Harris, Kevin Heavey, Louise Henry, Felicity Hogan, Sophie Horton, Cameron Irving, Brighid Lowe, Caroline McCarthy, The Miller and McAfee Press, Agnieszka Radzikowska, Florence Reidenbach, Anthony Silvester, Joe Scotland, Eva Stenram, Joanne Tatham and Tom O'Sullivan, Alison Turnbull, Peter Turner and Rachel Whiteread. Organised by Laura Aldridge and Joe Scotland

1 – 28 February 2003
Group exhibition of 100 artists

Keith Kettle: To A World Unknown
26 November – 21 December 2002

Moving Parts
30 October – 23 November 2002
Robert Currie, Martin Firrell, Simon Hollington & Kypros Kyprianou, Debbie Lawson, Nicola Morriss, Nik Ramage and Dave Williams

19 – 27 October 2002
Alexandra Harley, Jenny Lock, Jacqueline Merry Bernard and Elly Wright 

Camille Katsuragi
23 September – 19 October 200 

SV Open
9 July – 4 August 2002
Laura Aldridge, Freire Barnes, Loren Beven, Andy Briggs, Sophie Brown, Rosamund Carswell, Rebecca Coates, Cinzia d'Ambrosi, Richard Davidson, Judith Egger, Zavier Ellis, Debbie Lawson, Julie Lomax, F. Neslihan Nebioglu, Nik Ramage, Gill Rocca, Darren Rhymes, Tracy Whybrow, Derrin Stent and Daniel Wallis. Selected by Eva Tait

20 June – 5 July 2002
Rob Nice, Katie Jarvis, Patrick Brown, Tom Cox, Beatty Hallas, Amos Beedle, Marcus Dryden, Andrea Bristo and Sam Ernsten. Curated by Urbanlab

1 – 19 June 2002
Patrick Coleman, Ben Copperwheat, Richard Cuerden, Shez Dawood, Erdem Moralioglu,  Liz Neal, Genevieve Kalnins, Christian Newton and Holly Johnson. Curated by Liz Neal

Louise Galea: Just a girl…
22 – 25 May 2002

Jacquline Merry Bernard: Arcadia Recalled
7 – 19 May 2002

Rebecca Coates
19 April – 4 May 2002

Gray Jordan: Arizona 40/151
7 – 29 March 2002

Kar Krafts: The Art of Customised Classic American Car Culture
3 – 22 December 2001

Joanna Kostika
21 November – 2 December 2001

Mike O’Dwyer: Focus is Extra
21 November – 2 December 2001

7 – 18 November 2001
William Adams, Laura Aldridge, Erno Enkenberg, Jean Lough, Jo Lynn, Neslihan Nebioglu, Darren Rhymes, Rachel Scott, Derrin Stent, Alejando Tedesqui, Evy Tjaaland and Tracy Whybrow

James Hubrecht: Incidental
8 – 14 September 2001

Jean Genet: The Maids
5 – 7 October 2001
Performance presented by 30 Bird

Printmakers Council Annual Show
1 – 14 October 2001

Gill Rocca: Deep Space
25 – 30 September 2001

Hung, Drawn and Quartered
7 – 30 September 2001
Thomas Burke, Stuart Cumberland, Kevin Knox and Kes Richardson 

30 August - 22 September 2002
Joe Hewlett and Julian Davis

2 – 29 June 2001
Loren Beven and Joanna Usherwood

16 – 30 June 2001
Open submission exhibition curated by Mars Gomes 

Neale Howells
28 May – 3 June 2001

30 April – 26 May 2001
Don Bury, Francis Goodman, Moshekwa Langa, Harold Offeh, Ben Pruskin, Robin Rhode, Berni Serle and Erika Tan.  Curated by Robyn Denny and Francis Goodman 

Subtle Bodies
6 – 29 April 2001
Luke Dickinson and Sharon Molley 

Urban Tails
2 – 21 February 2001
Elizabeth LeMoine, Ute Essig, Karen Bedford, Keith Kettle, Jonno Williams, Gary Clough, Stephen Setford, Nick Lamb and Mars Gomes. Curated by Mars Gomes 

23 October – 1 November 2000
Open submission exhibition

Apathy: an exhibition
9 June - 16 June 2000
Suzy Koo, Mary Ikoniadou, Emma Thomas, Demelza Woodbridge, Jooney Woodward and Robin Wu

Good Taste / Bad Taste
May 2000
Group exhibition 

Exhibitions at Voltaire Road:

Sculpture Symposium exhibition
24 September – 5 October 1995
Paul Riley, Phyllida Barlow, Henry Grundy-White, Nick Wells, John Daly, Richard Mealing, Rolf Nickel, Stefanie Hūbner, Axel Haberstroh, Karin Danner, Pump, Tom Grimsey, Phil Parry, Stephen O’Brien, Bill Masuch, Ab Rogers, Stewart Caine, Steve Kemp, Roger Arnold, Tim Sheridan, K. Howell, Ronnie Fraser-Monro, Mauro Brooks, Ross, Tim Week, Isabella Berg, Yvette Barrett, J. Blackledge and Tracy Davison

The Consumerist Theatre of Desire
22 September to 2 October 1994
John Platt, Selby McCreery, Brian Williams, Leslie Travers, Keith Kettle, Henry Hite, George Barber, Ray Andrews, Lotte Barlack, Masimo Brooks, Mauro Brooks, Paul Drummond, Tim Drummond, Mark Folds, Mary Morrison and Nigel Winborne

  1. JUNCTURE exhibition invite, 2001. Courtesy of Studio Voltaire.

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