Emma Hedditch, Jimmy Roberts and Emily Roysdon

Act out

Act Out was a collaborative project by Emma Hedditch, Jimmy Robert and Emily Roysdon. The project consisted of three key elements: a period of correspondence, an intensive work period and a performative event.

Prior to the series of events at Studio Voltaire, the artists have developed the project with an exchange of open letters that reflect on each artist’s queer and feminist identity, their relationship to each other, and how to present this set of relations to the public. All three artists will meet and use the project studio at Studio Voltaire as a site of production and transmit a video signal of their collaboration as a performance into the gallery space, which they will then open to the public.

Supported by The Elephant Trust.

  1. Emma Hedditch (b. 1972, UK) is an artist and writer based in South London, who often works collaboratively with other artists and groups of individuals with an interest in process over products. Heavily influenced by politicalized conceptual practice and feminism, her work often forms collectively produced films, fanzines as well as ‘social situations’ such as workshops, screenings and events.

    Jimmy Roberts (b. 1975, France) studied at Goldsmiths’ College (London), was a resident artist at the Rijksacademie (Amsterdam) and recently showed his work at the Tate Britain (London), Centre Pompidou (Paris) and Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam). His works create a dialogue between various elements, bringing together film, drawing, text, collage, installation and performance to explore the performative potential of materials, amongst which the body becomes an applicable object.

    Emily Roysdon (b. 1977, USA) is an artist and founding editor of the collectively published art journal LTTR (Lesbians To The Rescue). Originally trained in International Politics, she has developed an interdisciplinary practice that uses video, drawings, photographs, performance and text.

  2. Emma Hedditch, Jimmy Robert and Emily Roysdon, Act Out, 2007. Performance, Wednesday 19 September 2007, Studio Voltaire, London. Courtesy of the artists and Studio Voltaire, London.

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