Doreen McPherson


Doreen McPherson makes distinctive and detailed portraits of individuals, her work is characterised by intense mark marking and a strong sense of light and shade, particularly around the hair and facial features.

Over the summer of 2011, the artist used the gallery as her studio. Although not directly referring to the space, some of the works were conceived in situ and therefore hold a particular atmosphere. This feeling was exaggerated by the curation and hang of the drawings, as they were placed to create narratives and inspire readings.

A number of the drawings were based on images of Roman stone and bronze sculptures. This connection to sculpture goes beyond the original source material: by building up tone, pattern and form while working on different sections simultaneously, there is a strong sense of construction and structure within these drawings.

  1. Doreen McPherson lives and works in London and is a member of Intoart, an art collective who previously held a studio at Studio Voltaire. McPherson work has been included in a number of group presentations including MADMuseé, Liege (2011), No Soul for Sale, Tate Modern (2010), Whitechapel Gallery, London (2009) and Studio Voltaire, London (2010 and 2007).

  2. Doreen McPherson, Portraits, 2011. Installation View, Studio Voltaire. Courtesy of the artist and Intoart, London. Credit Andy Keate.

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