Oscar Wilde: Anarchist, socialist, feminist
Dr Sos Eltis

11 April 2019

Dr Sos Eltis (Brasenose College, University of Oxford) offers a radical re-examination of Oscar Wilde’s plays, challenging long-established views of the writer as a dilettante and dandy. Eltis argues that Wilde be considered a serious philosopher and social critic who used his drama to subvert traditional Victorian values: she positions him as an anarchist, a socialist and a feminist.

  1. Dr Sos Eltis is Fellow and Tutor in English at Brasenose College, Oxford. Publications include Revising Wilde: Society and Subversion in the Plays of Oscar Wilde (OUP Oxford, 1996) and Acts of Desire: Women and Sex on Stage, 1800-1930 (OUP Oxford, 2013).

  2. Francis Ware

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