Martin Myrone explores the work of Vittorio Scarpati

12 September 2017

Martin Myrone, Senior Curator, Pre-1800 British Art at Tate Britain, discusses the work of Vittorio Scarpati. This talk took place as part of the public programme for Putti’s Pudding, an exhibition of works by Cookie Mueller and Vittorio Scarpati at Studio Voltaire, 2017.

Myrone discusses Scarpati’s works in relation to his own research, which has centred on British art of the ‘long’ eighteenth century (c.1650–1850). He has a special interest in the work of Henry Fuseli, William Blake and history painting c.1750–1830, with a particular focus on questions of gender and identity and on the emerging exhibition cultures and art worlds of the period.

  1. Dr Martin Myrone, Senior Curator, Pre-1800 British Art at Tate Britain, is an art historian and curator of international standing. His many exhibitions at Tate Britain have included Gothic Nightmares in 2006, John Martin in 2011, British Folk Art in 2014 and most recently William Blake in 2019. His published work includes the 2005 monograph Bodybuilding: Reforming Masculinities in British Art 1750–1810 and the forthcoming Making the Modern Artist: Class, Culture and Art-Educational Opportunity. Myrone was appointed Convenor of the British Art Network in 2020. (This biography was updated in December 2020).

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