Red Tory: My Corbyn Chemsex Hell
Huw Lemmey with Juliet Jacques, Ashkan Sepahvand, Linda Stupart and Timothy Thornton

25 April 2019

This special event launched Spitzenprodukte’s (Huw Lemmey) second novel, Red Tory: My Corbyn Chemsex Hell, published by Montez Press. The evening included readings by the author, in addition to leading writers and poets Juliet Jacques, Ashkan Sepahvand, Linda Stupart and Timothy Thornton.

…Tom Buckle is an ambitious young moderate Labour apparatchik, rising happily through the party bureaucracy on a diet of bottomless brunches, legitimate concerns and drug-fuelled Blairite sex parties.

That is until he meets Otto, a charismatic young radical whose urge for cocks, communism, and a mysterious plot for the victory of the holetariat opens his eyes to a changing world. Finding himself thrown into a chaotic new political landscape of pigfucking PMs, frog-frenzied neonazis and falafel-throwing communists, Tom has to pick a side. Will he manage to find a third way to a safe seat, or will Corbyn’s terrifying red horde make his moderate mission impossible? And can Tom resist the most seductive of all highs — pure, high-grade socialism, main-lined straight into London’s clogged and throbbing veins? So much for a kinder, gentler form of politics!

  1. Huw Lemmey is a writer and critic living in Barcelona. He is the author of three novels: Unknown Language, Red Tory and Chubz. He writes the weekly essay series utopian drivel and is the co-host of the podcast Bad Gays.

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