Learning Programme

Studio Voltaire’s Learning Programme takes inspiration from our local area and communities as a site for social interaction and creativity. It also utilises our changing programme of exhibitions, displays and projects, and the onsite community of artists. The programme often explores pressing daily issues, such as the climate crisis, citizenship, equitable representation and social justice.

We work closely with local primary and secondary schools, colleges, youth and community groups and teachers with the aim of broadening access to art and creativity for young people, supporting them to learn about themselves, others, and the world we live in. These programmes are free to attend and suitable for people of all ages.

Our lively year-round programme of artist-led workshops, training sessions and tours are often cross-curricular, and are designed to create links between local education providers, building sustainable connections for the future.

By responding to local needs we aim to be a welcoming, responsive and helpful organisation by sharing space, resources, knowledge and expertise. Through the creation of programmes and dedicated spaces, we provide an alternative site for intergenerational learning, helping to overcome barriers that some people experience in formal education settings and supporting those who might have limited access to creative opportunities.

We are always delighted to hear from new partners, education providers and community groups who are interested in working with us. Please get in touch via participation@studiovoltaire.org.

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