Pardip Kapil

Pardip Kapil has been a resident artist at ActionSpace’s Studio Voltaire Studio since 2004. Kapil’s practice is part installation, part happening. He creates spontaneous, site-specific, temporary structures and scenes which frequently evolve with the artist as central to the work. He combines installation and performance with his eccentric hand-made costumes and props, found objects, music and projections to create multilayered experiences. Essential to his practice is the public who are invited to engage with and often become part of the work. He explores the recurrent themes of celebrations, reworking his ideas into many varied layouts. 

Since 2010 Kapill has led multiple live art events through ActionSpace’s Live Art programme including Pop Up Pardip  and Pop Up Pardip’s Zoom Disco at Wandsworth Arts Fringe, and Tubelines Tate Exchange and Tate Modern. In 2022, the artist undertook a three-month residency at Studio Voltaire, in partnership with ActionSpace, forming part of the acclaimed Explorers Project.

Studio Voltaire
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London SW4 7JR

Open Wednesday–Sunday, 10 am–5 pm.

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