About Meera Shakti Osborne

Focusing on collective healing through self-expression, Meera Shakti Osborne’s practice engages with accessibility and confidence building in both formal education settings and casual encounters. Working across sound, digital media, oil paint, textiles, breathing, talking, and dancing, their work explores the potential of art as a tool in making visible both personal and shared histories often forgotten or omitted. In recent years the artist has focused on questions around history-making, dreaming, the ethics of collaboration and processes that allow for flexing, glitches and love.

Shakti Osborne is currently Peer Gallery Ambassador Artist in Residence 2023-24 and Research Associate at iniva. Meera graduated in Design at Central School of Speech and Drama in 2015 and Cairo Institute of Liberal Arts and Science in 2018.

In 2023 the artist was selected as an awardee of the second edition of the LOEWE FOUNDATION / Studio Voltaire Award.

    1. Meera Shakti Osborne, Love Language, 2023. Photo collage: Elephant & Castle Shopping Centre and text from notes about my mum and the city. Image courtesy of the artist
    2. Meera Shakti Osborne, Dancing With Joy, 2020. Oil painting on MDF: naked person wearing a strap, dancing in front of the sea as the sun sets. Image courtesy of the artist
    3. Meera Shakti Osborne, Young Ambassadors Sharing Event, 2023. Planting an apple tree with a group of young people I work with at Peer Gallery in Hoxton. Image courtesy of the artist and Peer Gallery. Photography by Sam Nightingale
    4. Meera Shakti Osborne, Harrow/Where are you really really from?, 2023. Photo collage: photo of a living room with white text over the image reading where are you really really really from. Image courtesy of the artist
    5. Meera Shakti Osborne, fam at the opening of department of Unruly histories (DUH) at Cubitt Artists, 2023. Photo: family and friends posing laughing and smiling together in front of a large wall vinyl that reads DUH. Image courtesy of the artist

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