Holly Graham

Holly Graham is a London-based artist, working predominantly with print and audio. Much of her work looks at ways in which memory and narrative shape collective histories. Bound up in this lies an interest in recording-mechanisms, documents, evidence, and processes of editing; concerns rooted around a commitment to responsible story-telling and amplifying quiet histories. The work she makes is often specific to particular sites and localised contexts.

Graham holds a BFA from Oxford University and an MA in Printmaking from the Royal College of Art. Solo projects include commissions with; Skelf, Online; TACO!, London; Robert Young Antiques, London; Gaada, Shetland; Goldsmiths CCA, Online; and Southwark Park Galleries, London. The artist is an Associate Lecturer at the Royal College of Art, London; and is Co-Founder of Cypher BILLBOARD, London. She has recently been awarded a scholarship at the British School at Rome.

Studio Voltaire
1A Nelsons Row
London SW4 7JR

Open Wednesday–Sunday, 10 am–5 pm.

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