About Babajide Brian

Babajide Brian has been a resident artist at ActionSpace’s Studio Voltaire studio since 2018. Primarily with drawing, using pencil and fine liners on paper, Babajide works directly from life, photographic imagery and memory. His detailed drawings fall into two distinct areas of architecture, portraiture, and football shirt designs.

Through extensive research, Babajide documents a diverse range of football players, capturing the history of each football club, its identity, the supporters, and the city that it represents. Detailing logos, architecture, sponsorship branding in black and white drawing and collage, Babajide examines the culture of the sport, how it has evolved as well as highlighting anti-discrimination and racism within football and beyond.

Babajide has exhibited extensively across London through ActionSpace. He was selected for Outside in’s Environments exhibition, Piano Noble in 2019. Co-curated and exhibited in Art is Part of the Equation, Royal Academy, 2019 and led tours for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in 2019. In 2023 Babajide was awarded the LOEWE FOUNDATION / Studio Voltaire Award and was selected for the Royal Academy’s Making Space inclusive artist development programme.

    1. Babajide Brian. 2023. Image courtesy of the Artist and ActionSpace.
    2. Babajide Brian. Premier League Portrait Series. 2023. Image courtesy of the artist and ActionSpace.
    3. Babajide Brian. Fly postering in Clapham. 2023. Image courtesy of the artist and ActionSpace.

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