About Ana Milenkovic

Ana Milenkovic (b. 1988, Belgrade, Serbia) lives and works in London. She holds an MFA from Wimbledon College of Art, London, as well as MA and BA from Faculty of Fine Art, Belgrade. Milenkovic is the recipient of UAL/Clifford Chance Sculpture Award, Griffin Art Prize and Prize for Innovation from the Milos Bajic Fund.

    1. Ana Milenkovic, Blue. Image courtesy of the artist.
    2. Ana Milenkovic, Domino. Image courtesy of the artist.
    3. Ana Milenkovic, Penny. Image courtesy of the artist.
    4. Ana Milenkovic, Portrait. Image courtesy of the artist.
    5. Ana Milenkovic, Gilgamesh and Beatrice, taken in Ana’s studio courtesy of the artist. 

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