About Alicia Reyes McNamara

Alicia Reyes McNamara’s work is an investigation of folklore and rituals around loss, mourning and healing, in which beings and landscapes mutate and shapeshift, creating a personal imaginary of forms of embodiment. Their practice examines the potential of how all things can transcend their own definition and acquire a new life or meaning.

Reyes McNamara completed her MFA at University of Oxford in 2016. She was selected to be a part of Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2016, South London Gallery Graduate Residency 2017 and Gasworks Fellowship 2018. Solo exhibitions have included Lismore Castle Arts; Ireland, The London Open at Whitechapel Gallery and Niru Ratnam Gallery which she is represented by.

    1. Alicia Reyes McNamara, By Moonlight, 2020. Courtesy of the artist.
    2. Alicia Reyes McNamara, Misunderstood Spirit, 2020. Courtesy of the artist.
    3. Alicia Reyes McNamara, A Conduit’s Call, Lismore Castle Arts, Lismore, Ireland, 2021, Photography courtesy of the artist
    4. Alicia Reyes McNamara, The Unnamed, 2021. Courtesy of the artist.

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