About ActionSpace

ActionSpace is an exceptional visual arts organisation that supports learning disabled artists. They seek out and unlock talent, create opportunities and enable learning disabled artists to realise their potential.

ActionSpace have three dedicated studios in London and have been at Studio Voltaire since 1999.

  1. 1. Pardip Kapil, Residency Sharing Event at Studio Voltaire, 2022, Photography © Zoë Maxwell

    2. ActionSpace Studio at Studio Voltaire, Photography © FRENCH+TYE

    3. Chandrakant Patel, Installation, Abundance, Longsight Art Space, Manchester 2023. Image courtesy of the Artist and ActionSpace

    4. Linda Bell, Studio movement work, Artworks- Paper, Foil, Fabric, Tapes, 2022. Image Courtsey of the Artist and ActionSpace

    5. Nnena Kalu, Trickster Figures, MK Gallery. Milton Keynes, 2023. Photography © Rob Harris

Studio Voltaire
1A Nelsons Row
London SW4 7JR

Open Wednesday–Sunday, 10 am–5 pm.

Registered Charity No: 1082221. Registered Company No: 03426509. VAT No: GB314268026